Press Release. New BELLA ROSA 2014 is OUT VIDEO

Press Release. New BELLA ROSA 2014 is OUT VIDEO

This Rose' wine we first made in 2009 and has been a hit from the first sip. The 2014 vintage is very much like our first vintage the 2009, also made from our famous Pinotage grapes, the juice was allowed to spend a few hours in contact with the skins before the it was pressed off for fermentation. ORDER HERE  or Phone Jaison ak 412 7575 or 021 778 702 This enabled the juice to pick up a delicate rose petal pink colour. It is very difficult to judge this amount of time for skin contact. If contact is too long the wine is too dark. If too short the colour is too light. Add some red wine I hear you say, the problem with this is you also add back tannin, which makes this gentle wine hard on the palate. We feel we got this skin contact time spot on! 

A delicate light salmon pink in colour, with the classic Rose' bouquet of rose petal with strawberry, and Pink Marshmallow.Just a touch of sweetness.
SERVE CHILLED. This wine fills your mouth with pleasure.

ORDER HERE  or Phone Jaison ak 412 7575 or 021 778 702

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