Kerr Farm Sauvignon Blanc fed bees and their Honey

This year I had a small section of our Kerr Farm Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc block put aside to see how ripe we could get it. It got to about 29 brix. When we went to pick these plants we found masses of bees breaking the berry skins and feeding on the inside grape pulp, leaving us just the skins and not much fruit for winemaking.


A few days later talking to my neighbour he tells me his bee hive was full of honey, much more than he expected for this time of year. We came to the conclusion this was caused by the bees pinching all our Sauvignon Blanc and filling up the hive with honey. I managed to get a small quantity to sell at the cellar door. Now I can't say I can taste a definite Sauvignon Blanc flavour, but it is very tasty.
If you would like some come and try it this weekend and it is only $10 a tub. Only a few Tubs available


Jaison Kerr

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